Why does Rahul Gandhi wear only white T-shirts?

Congress Leader Rahul Gandhi said he decided to participate in the march wearing only a T-shirt after seeing three underprivileged girls in Madhya Pradesh “trembling in tattered clothes”. From then till today, Rahul Gandhi is seen wearing only and only white T-shirt.

“One day three poor girls came to me in tattered clothes…When I caught them they were trembling because they were not dressed properly. Addressing a street meeting in Haryana’s Ambala, Rahul Gandhi said, “That day I decided that as long as I am shivering, I will wear only a shirt.”

Gandhi claimed that he wanted to send a message to those girls.

“When I start shivering, I will consider wearing a sweatshirt. I want to convey this idea to those three girls that if you are feeling cold, Rahul Gandhi should be feeling cold too,” he said.

The Wayanad MP had said last week that during the Uttar Pradesh part of the yatra, the media was focusing on his outfit while “paying no attention to the poor farmers and laborers walking with him in tattered clothes”.

In the Bhagwat, he remarked that the real question was not why he was wearing a T-shirt, but why the country’s farmers, low-wage laborers and their children were wearing tattered clothes, T-shirts and sweaters. .

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